Yes, you can purchase insurance for your Business and your Home, but this often doesn’t cover enough to actually replace or pay out enough to buy back everything you may have lost. Not to mention the items that are just not replaceable at any price. This is where a Weatherproof Security Camera System can make an excellent investment.

You can’t put a price on your safety or certainly the safety of your family. The new high tech security systems can monitor your property even when you are not there. You can view and record everything that is going on in real time, even from your Smart phone.

To purchase a video security monitoring system that fits your exact needs, you definitely want to consult a professional in security cameras and monitoring. Rugged Cams has on staff, Engineers that can do a site map survey for your property, from blueprints to a simple drawing, and give you a FREE estimate of what a perfect layout customized for your exact needs. One example: The best position for each camera to be mounted for perfect viewing of each angle.

A Security System in place is an excellent selling point for many new buyers that are seeking a home or looking at a Business to purchase.

Deterring criminal activity is a must, and a Home or Business Security System is the best way to accomplish this. A Weatherproof Security System can go unnoticed by a burglar until it is to late, and he has already been caught in the act. You have it recorded, an easy way to transfer to a DVD or USB drive, and hand it over to the authorities. It is much easier to make a case with this crucial piece of evidence.

Rugged Cams offers many products as well as resources. Which is very important for technical support if needed. Or just any questions you may have. We are available to you and ready to answer your questions.

Take a look at our website, we have worked hard to make this site user friendly. Our product showroom shows you all of our DVRs, Security Cameras, Security Pre-Packaged Systems, and much more.

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