First of all, you want to take measures to prevent or deter would be offenders at your physical Business location. This is your first line of defense against these unwanted criminals. No physical access to your property is your main goal. Sure you can have all sorts of locks, gates, fences and window bars. While these are good ideas to have, they would be nothing a determined intruder couldn’t get passed. Other deterrents that are commonly used may be barbed wire, and warning signs. But nothing is going to let you see exactly what is happening 24 hours a day, 7 days a week like a Business Security Camera System!

Next, an alarm detection structure is more of a response measure, rather than a preventative one. Most times, the criminal has already invaded your property and possibly caused thousands of dollars worth of damage, and still may escape before alarm personnel or police have arrived on the premises. You have no description of who, or what actually happened.

What you are really looking for is a visual monitoring system at your location. A Business Security System can record everything to video footage for your review, or even send you an email of information that is happening exactly when it is occurring. With all of this information, you will have the ability to contact authorities and also provide them with facial recognition and live video footage, time stamped and dated, of the criminals intrusion. Security Camera Systems are a powerful way to prevent actual crimes. With the ability to be connected to DVR’s and also your personal PC, Smart Phone, etc. gives you an extreme advantage over anyone that attempts to cause harm against you or your property.

All of the above mentioned are good ideas for your safety, but combine the 3 and you are doing everything possible to secure your property and keep yourself and your employees, customers safe from harm and that after all is the main goal.

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