As always, we strive to make our products affordable for any property or vehicle use, while still providing the very best quality. So stay tuned for more great Night Vision innovations from Rugged Cams.

The MaXNight Technology was first developed by our sister company, Rugged Marine.

Rugged Marine manufactures a comprehensive and growing line of night vision cameras and systems that utilize Rugged Cams MaXNight Technology, and the Path Watch Camera is the flagship of the series.

While these were originally developed for Marine use, we have discovered that these cameras can come in handy for land-based vehicles as well.

This low cost camera amazes everyone who sees or uses it, with how it can literally turn dark into light. When it’s so dark that you can’t see more than a few feet with your eyes, the Path Watch Camera makes it look like daytime. With only a tiny amount of moonlight or the glow from distant electric lighting, this incredible camera uses it’s image intensifier and near infrared capability to produce a high resolution, clear image.

The Path Watch Camera is effective out to hundreds of feet or more, and is available with a wide array of lens strengths. When you need a night vision camera for your property, vehicle, UTV or ATV, boat or dock, get the lowest cost Night Vision device available: The Path Watch by Rugged Cams.

Come visit our website and see our line up of Night Chaser models and our Night Vision Systems.

Rugged Cams has a number of Night Vision Cameras and Systems that are under development here in our Factory in Texas. Our goals are to try to develop a much smaller thermal-only PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) unit as well as some additional products that will utilize our MaXNight Low Lux Technology.


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