If you haven’t heard, there is now an easier way to have Megapixel High Definition Security Camera Video. In the past, the only way to accomplish this was with IP Cameras and equipment. That meant that you had to know an awful lot about Networking, Routers, Switches and probably even POE (Power Over Ethernet) equipment.

Now, with the arrival of HD-SDI Technology, you can have 2 & 3 Megapixel Cameras and connect them as easily as any analog system. The reason it’s so easy, is that HD-SDI achieves it’s 1080p video over coax. That’s right, over ordinary coax cable.

HD-SDI was developed years ago by the television, studio and video production industries. They invested heavily in this technology and are continually refining, tweaking and expanding the technology and standards. This is what the big boys use when they need to deliver live video from the football stadium out to the production trucks in the parking lot. It is stable, high definition video that works really well over standard coaxial cable.

HD-SDI was then adopted by the security camera industry to provide HD Video that could utilize the coax cable customers already had in place. Thus, the switch from Analog to HD-SDI Megapixel video is quick and simple to accomplish.

HD-Megapixel DVR – 1080p Megapixel Video Over Your Existing Wiring

This new technology, called HD-SDI, makes it possible to stream Full HD 1080p video over your existing coax wiring. This makes it as simple as changing out a few, or all of your cameras to start adding Megapixel Video to your security camera system.
Best of all, it’s as simple as Plug-N-Play. Same wiring, same connections, same power as your current cameras.

No Networking, No Router, No Switch, No Learning!

Access our demo at DEMO – Access Live View – available for PC or MAC.

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