Securi-Cabinet – Covert Security Cabinet

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Securi-Cabinet Covert Security System

When thieves break in and find security cameras, they immediately start looking for the recorder. Don’t make it easy for them.

That was the idea behind the Securi-Cabinet digital surveillance system. This complete system hides all the components, wiring and even the monitor for the system, inside what looks to be an ordinary high voltage electrical box. Nobody every gives it a second look, which is exactly what you want. The Securi-Cabinet comes with a high security Cam Lock as well as two security screw fastener positions to make it even tougher to breach. True protection from thieves or unauthorized personnel.

Each Securi-Cabinet is custom built and assembled according to your needs with a 4, 8 or 16 Channel Rugged Vision real time digital dvr, a power supply configured exactly to your camera’s requirements and with 2” conduit connection placed where you need them. Yet lead time is normally only a few days from order to ship.

NOTE: Place a mothball or two in the bottom of the cabinet to keep insects out.

by Allen Spears – Chief Engineer ©2009

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