Most people don’t realize the importance of the DVR you choose for your Security Camera System. Rugged Cams has the only DVR that we know of that makes every camera input a Universal, Auto-Sensing, Auto-Configuring Channel. Our HD-Megapixel DVR can drastically reduce your installation process. No networking, no router, no switch and no learning. This DVR is plug and play. Plug it in, connect any Security Camera and you are ready to view and record live security video.

This HD Universal DVR is so simple, yet extremely feature rich. You will get your dollars worth by buying the best. Though it is true that expensive software applications are packed with features, you can always seek an affordable DVR that works well with your Security System. We offer free software and our HD Universal DVR does the rest for you.

Place your Cameras in the appropriate areas such as where valuable inventory and cash may be kept. This DVR can store huge amounts of video footage on it’s 1 to 18 TB drives! Like all of the Rugged Cams DVR’s these tough DVR’s can be completely controlled via any computer anywhere in the world, or by your Smart Phone and other devices. Easily view all of your cameras, review archived footage, or even change any setting or feature from anywhere in the world that you can get WiFi or cell coverage.

The Auto-HD Megapixel Series also give you real-time recording on every channel, another feature that is rare to find in a DVR. Also, every Auto-HD delivers full 1080p Video via an HDMI connector, and via VGA connector, and can deliver both simultaneously. This DVR can handle ANY Analog or Digital Camera that is connected to it, truly plug and play ! Also, you don’t have to replace your older Cameras, they will operate with this HD Megapixel DVR.

Come visit us online at Rugged Cams. We have been manufacturing the best in Business Security Camera Systems since 1993.

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