There are places you may want to choose a hidden or covert security camera, or add one to your existing Security System. There is a wide variety of equipment on the market making it simple to accomplish this.

Our Incredi-Bullet is Weatherproof and can be used Indoors our Outdoors. It is also 960H giving you 33% larger video. Featuring the latest in Sony technology, this super miniature sized bullet camera produces an extremely high resolution image. It can be easily be placed in a hidden area. This Camera price is under $100!

Our PIR Case Camera (Passive Infrared) Detector, is a hidden pinhole camera and mounted inside a motion sensor housing. You’ll get a wide angle picture of any room you install it in. The Super High Resolution chipset will capture everything you need and no one will know what is hiding inside. Also priced under $100.

Next up, our Smoke Detector Camera also Weatherproof and can be used Indoors our Outdoors. This Camera boasts an OSD menu and mirroring option built right in. This covert surveillance camera features high resolution and a low light handling ability important for a pinhole lens camera. This 3.7mm Lens gives you a wide angle view that is fully rotat-able to point in any direction. This Smoke Detector Camera looks out the side, angled downward, for a complete “across the room view”. Also priced under $100.

Finally, our Face Plate Camera also Weatherproof, rated IP67. Fish Eye Lens, Door View Camera also indoor/outdoor that can be used in a car wash, auto cashiers, Bank ATM machines, drive up teller, as well as through objects like doors, wall panels etc.

These devices are by far the most reliable of the options available to secretly capture video.

All of these cameras carry Rugged Cams 2 year warranty, along with FREE Technical support for Life.

Give us a call today and see if Rugged Cams Specialty Cameras fit your needs!

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