As some of you may already know the massive floods in Thailand have affected the current world supply of hard drives and hard drive components. The availability plummeted the day after, due to increased panic purchasing, based off of projected shortages for up to the next 9 months. It may take this long until the full production capacity can be reached again by the manufacturers that were affected.
Rugged CCTV has already had to institute several policy changes due to the projected shortages.
– Only one hard drive can be purchased with each DVR until further notice. (we will also install any drives you send us for your DVR, at no cost)
– Due to astronomically volatile cost changes in the market (resulting daily) a price increase for each DVR will be added to each DVR purchase (in house, by phone, and online). It is recommended that you call before purchasing to find out what this cost increase is, since it may very well change every morning.
We at Rugged CCTV strive to fulfill the needs of all of our customers and we ask for your patience and understanding in this matter for the coming months.

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