Rugged Cams has been manufacturing tough, ruggedized Security Camera Systems for businesses since 1993.  After tens of thousands of cameras and systems, we have learned how to build a camera that is optimized for the environment it is designed to live in.  Whether you plan to use cameras indoors or outdoors, they still need to be tough enough to withstand any environment they encounter.

A cheap, low quality camera, like many found on Ebay or elsewhere on the Internet, may be able to withstand a year or two of operation if placed indoors in a climate controlled atmosphere, but there are places in your business that simply require cameras that are designed to go the distance in extreme conditions.  It may be in a walk-in freezer, a hot warehouse or even a dusty woodworking or machine shop environment, but if the camera is not designed to thrive in those conditions, it will only be a matter of time until you are having to replace it, or worse yet, it will not give you the picture or clarity that it takes to identify problems or make out important details.

This is where Rugged Cams excels.  We design Business Security Camera Systems that will not only survive, but actually thrive in any type of environment that you can throw at them.

Long operational life is another goal of all Rugged Cams cameras.  We learned long ago that specifying the very best components, (such as SONY camera guts and precision ground lenses), pays off in the long run by operating correctly over a long period of time.  This means that you won’t be buying two or three cameras in a five year span, but will still have a perfectly operating camera years from now.  Quality pays in longevity as well as crystal clear, flawless video.

So when you are looking for a business security camera system, look beyond price and make sure that you are getting quality products that are assembled here in the US, and that the company stands behind those products with a long warranty and solid, dependable Tech Support for the life of the equipment.  In short, make sure that you choose Rugged Cams.  Tens of thousands of businesses all over the world have chosen us for 20 years, and they keep coming back to us because they know our products work without giving you grief, and that our company stands behind them in every way possible.

Call us today at 866-301-2288 and you’ll get an actual person that answers the phone, and actual friendly service at every step.

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