Have you taken steps to shield your company from thieving activity? Worker theft will take several forms, there are the employees who take everything from pens to postage stamps, to those who run off with thousands of bucks, by adding fictitious names on the payroll or making phony invoices. A thieving worker could also be one among your best employee members – finally, he’s most likely skilled at manipulating the system. Do not assume that your star employee would never steal from the corporation. Worker theft is often a signal of a bigger personal issue like substance addiction or a gambling problem.

If you think a worker or employee is stealing, you should decide to conduct an inside investigation.
Having a Business Security Camera System will forever deter this behavior, they’re an excellent resource, and a necessary one. Let all of your workers know about your new system. This will allow them to recognize you’re serious, concerning theft within your business, and will not tolerate it from your workers or anyone else. Let everyone know you’re taking inventory of your merchandise, so that they can recognize that you are also serious about keeping track of your inventory.

Get a Business Security Camera System from Rugged Cams. It will record to a hard drive, that is easily searchable down to the minute, of anything that may have taken place that you want to save or review. All you have to do is “check in” from home. You don’t have to be “Nazi” about it, just politely let employees know, that you have the ability to observe everything as you wish, when you wish, and where.

Once you have achieved the “proof positive” against the thieving worker, they have no options to deny or excuse their actions, you have got all the proof in color, and it can simply be formatted to a usb drive and shown to police, if need be. You simply cannot lose with a Business Security Camera System from Rugged Cams. Get yours today ! Visit our web site for a free System Design from our Engineers !



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