Your office is most probably the center stage of your professional life. It is where you work, where you keep valuable information, perhaps even money, most likely documents and employee files.

Private information, especially files on personnel or business plans, should be kept in a safe and secure place such as a locked file cabinet or a safe. Aside from professional data and documents, you most probably keep personal things in your office as well. After all, it is where you spend most of your days. Your purse, briefcase, coat, keys to your home and vehicle, even money can likely be found in a drawer or on a coat hanger. Most people trust their office environment. After all, who would come into your office and snoop around while you are in the building?

Chances are you walk out for lunch or to meet with a client without even bothering to close the door, let alone lock it. And when you leave at night, surely the cleaning staff have a key to your office in order to come in and clean it up. So how safe is it really?

Who walks in and out of your office without you knowing about it, and what exactly do they do while they are in there? Did you have some lunch money in your drawer and seem to have misplaced it? Did you spend it and forget about it or was it stolen? Was this document open on your computer when you walked out? Was your computer even on? With a busy day and countless things going through your head at all times, it is easy to dismiss these doubts by telling yourself you were preoccupied and didn’t notice or forgot you did or didn’t do something.

Dismissal of doubts however can be costly, and by the time you realize it, it might be too late. The only way to put your mind at ease is by installing security cameras in your office. Whether or not you remember to close and lock your door at the end of the day, security cameras will keep a watchful eye on everyone entering your office and their activities.

Out Takes From the Office

As hard and long as you might work, there is no way you are sitting at your desk, in your office, all day long. And if you are, you really shouldn’t. For your own health, it is important to get up once in a while, walk around, rest your overworked mind and get some air. You likely walk out for lunch, or to meet clients, or to go to meetings. Surely you go to the printer or fax machine once in a while, or need to consult a colleague or other employee. So what happens in your office while you are out? Do you always remember to lock your computer, file cabinets, put away all the files you are working on, close and lock the door? The answer is most likely no, especially if you are leaving for a short period of time and not leaving the building.

Everyone knows however that the trip to the printer, which should only take a few minutes, can become considerably longer if the printer is out of paper, broken, or if a colleague happens to walk by and strikes a conversation with you. A few minutes can turn into half an hour, plenty of time for someone to walk in and out of your office. An employee curious about another employee’s file, maybe, or a jealous colleague looking to steal the awesome idea you just came up with. Regardless of the reason, no one should be in your office if you are not around. The object of entering your office should be to meet with you, not consult your files or documents without your knowledge or permission. Installing security cameras in your office will allow you to know exactly what goes on when you are not around. Telling people that you have installed a security camera system in your office will serve to make them think twice about walking in when you are not there. At the very least, reviewing footage from the security cameras on the DVR will give you peace of mind and allow you to concentrate on your work instead of stressing out about what other people are doing. After all, you wouldn’t want to be blamed for a file or document going missing without even knowing about it, or learn that your competitor has come up with the very idea you were just working on.

Protect your work, integrity and the future of your company by installing security cameras in your office today.

Your Office After Hours

Even workaholics need to go home at some point. Surely you do not sleep, bathe and eat in your office. At some point, you call it a day, shut everything down, grab your keys and drive home. But not everyone sleeps at night. Did you ever wonder what goes on in your building and office once everyone has gone home?

Most office buildings are as busy during the night hours as they are during the day. The cleaning crew steps in, security guards patrol the building, and if any repair work needs to be done, many building managers prefer it be done after hours as to not disrupt the day’s activities. The guards and cleaning crew most certainly have a key or pass card to your office. The guards need to be able to access every part of the building in case of an emergency, and the cleaning staff obviously needs access to clean your office and empty your garbage bin.

If one of your colleagues or an employee were to walk in after hours and ask a member of the cleaning staff to be let in to your office pretending it is theirs, would the cleaning person know any different? How well do you know the cleaning staff, really? And even if all of your documents are under key and your computer password protected, someone who knows how to pick locks or how to hack in to a computer will not be deterred. Security camera systems allow you to keep an eye on what goes on in your office at night. Security camera footage will allow you to know where that missing file went and who took it, if that is the case.

Your professional life is too important not to be protected. Make sure all your hard work is not for naught by installing a professional surveilance camera system in and around your office.

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