What are some of the top things a criminal looks for when choosing a business to rob?

Burglars are not professionals as a rule, so they are mainly opportunistic and look for easy targets. They may have been in your business and something got their attention, such as seeing a low security safe, or a small safe that looked like it might be easy to remove. They may have seen a door that looked easy to break into, or maybe even a window that looked like it would be an easy ingress point. Burglars look primarily for weak security and entry points that are out of view from traffic.

For robberies, they look for a manager or employee that has a routine that they can count on, such as cash collection at closing time, or they may have seen a bank bag in the managers’ hand when exiting the building at a certain time of day. They may have even seen a manager collect cash and put it in a locked drawer or other easily accessible place.

While they are at your business, they will also look for evidence of an alarm system. However, if they know that surrounding businesses will be closed when they hit, and there will not be anyone in earshot of an alarm siren, they won’t be too disturbed about an alarm, as they usually know how long the response time is in your area.

They will also try to see where your recording device is for the security cameras. This is something that worries them even more than the alarm system. They know all too well that the recording system can provide all the information the police will need to find, arrest and convict them. So they treat it like leaving a witness behind.

Most new Digital Video Recorders (DVR’s), are a “stand-alone” box that provides all of the functions of the system. Therefore, PC’s are no longer used as a recording device in most instances. However, since you can totally control the DVR from any computer you already have, it is standard practice at many businesses to hide the DVR in a hidden or protected place, and use a PC to call up the camera views through your network, and leave that view up overnight. That way the burglars think that the PC is the recording device and will attack it. If you can’t do that, or don’t want to risk harm to the PC, then I strongly recommend placing an old VCR or time-lapse recorder next to the security monitor as bait, and hiding and securing the DVR in another place. If they think that they have the evidence, they will get careless.

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