Protecting your business and property from theft and crime may well be the most important thing a business owner can do in order to remain profitable and viable. After all, theft and vandalism can not only cost a business owner time and money to repair and replace stolen or damaged property, but depending on how they hit your business, can also end up robbing you of some loyal customers, make it much harder to attract new customers, or in some cases, even make it impossible to process sales at all.

Don’t think it can ever get that bad? We hear horror stories almost every day about crimes that have completely shut down a business after a series of hits in a short period, or sometimes after a single occurrence.

Some types of crimes can attract the wrong type of publicity. News stories or gossip about crimes can end up hurting your business in a myriad of ways. News of violent crimes, or a succession of crimes can scare away customers for a long time. Daytime robberies are notorious for this, and working to counter the fears your customers may have about possibly being caught in the middle of a crime, is a daunting challenge. These are challenges that your business can do without – especially in the middle of a shaky economy.

So, you’ve tried to keep them out with locks. You’ve tried to scare them off with an alarm. But nothing beats the un-blinking eye of security cameras. Security Cameras are the ultimate tool for finding out what happened, how it happened and when it happened. Cameras are the only tool that can give you enough clues to identify the culprits, their vehicle or both.

The Police love it when you have good, clear footage of the crime. It’s their tool of choice when gathering all the clues they will need to identify the thieves. Even if the thieves try to cover their faces or disguise themselves, great camera footage still gives the Police many clues and even helps to narrow down where to lift fingerprints, whether they had inside knowledge by gravitating immediately to safes or high value items stored in non-public areas, and knowledge of where all the cameras were placed without having to look around for them. Other clues that some of our customers have mentioned as being pivotal in unraveling the mysteries, include: race, gender, distinctive or logo-ed hats and clothing, shoes and even name tags in some cases. Other valuable clues include, a peculiar gait or limp, tattoos or beards, hairstyles or lack of hair, voices, language, dialects and accents, missing or deformed extremities, and rare or professional tools they may have used.

Getting a clear shot of their vehicle is always a good idea, and may yield many clues even if you didn’t have the correct angle to read a license plate. Even a partial plate narrows down the field when combined with the make, color, distinctive pin-striping or graphics, body damage or dents, missing or damaged trim, broken lights or lenses, bumper stickers or lettering and even registration or inspection stickers.

These are just some of the many clues our customers have related to us that were pivotal in ultimately identifying the thieves or vandals.

Once identified, many times the police solve other crimes committed by the same people. Either way, it puts a stop to their thievery and holds them accountable for what they’ve done to you. This also deters other groups or individuals from trying the same thing or something similar, because after an apprehension and conviction, word quickly spreads amongst the criminals.

Strategic security camera placement and the correct lenses for each camera view are extremely important, so ask our Design Engineers to help design a system that is effective, and uses affordable but high quality components.

So, after your property or business is hit, study the resulting footage closely for some or all of these clues that will aid in holding them accountable. Make them pay for their crimes!

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