Everybody Hates A Thief

by Allen Spears – Chief Engineer

Rugged CCTV

Unfortunately, everybody gets to share that jarring feeling of discovering that your property or business has been robbed and vandalized. No one is immune.

They hit when you least expect it. It’s a shock to your system. You feel violated, and for a moment, you stand there helpless as a million emotions wash through you in rapid fire succession: disbelief, confusion, helplessness, fear, panic and finally anger.

What you don’t know at the time, is that these same emotions will continue to overwhelm you for days, perhaps weeks – all lessening in intensity over time, except anger. The anger remains.

Next comes the fantasies of what you would do if you caught the scum that took your property and your feeling of well being and safety. You find yourself vowing to camp out for a few nights and protect your property in case they come back.

Eventually though, after you clean up, patch up, repair and replace all the damage, (which, in many cases, amounts to more than they took), you start vowing to do the things necessary to make sure your property is no longer the pushover the thieves found it to be.

When you get to that stage, here’s what you need to start thinking about:

The Three D’s: Deter – Detect – Deny

Deter – The best outcome with thieves is to deter them from targeting your business to start with, and the best way to accomplish this is to have security cameras visible around every attractive or vulnerable entry point. In case they don’t notice, make sure and reinforce your point with signs and stickers on every door and window that remind them that they are being watched.

Detect – Alarm Systems and Camera Systems, as well as the various sensors and detection methods that they both employ, is your first line of defense. The ability to be notified if an intrusion occurs, to identify persons and vehicles, to gather as many clues as possible with the technology that these systems provide, will be the most important aspects involved in catching them – either in the act, or after the fact.

Deny – Keep them from getting in at all. This is your last line of defense. Install better locks, bars, doors and whatever else you can identify that will make their entry as difficult as possible. If you’re protecting a barn, shop or warehouse, then make it blatantly Fort Knox. If you are protecting a business that customers frequent, then be careful of having a lot of “in your face” security measures that may make them wonder if they should be scared as well. Make sure your security measures blend in or can be hidden or disguised during business hours.

Almost every time the phone rings here at Rugged CCTV, it’s someone calling to tell us that they’ve just been robbed. They want to configure a system that will give them a feeling of safety and power again. To regain back some of what was just snatched away from them. And that’s what we give them. The comfort of knowing that you know have the help of many eyes that never blink watching over your property, protecting lives, identifying evil-doers.

I have been robbed, my parents have been robbed, most of my friends have been robbed, so I write from the heart when I talk about what these crimes do to the victims.

In my own case, I was angry for weeks. I can laugh about it now, years later, but at the time I wanted revenge. I actually had fantasies running through my head of designing a camera that had a gun and a speaker attached to it. My most common scenario was one where I would be at home, catch them in the act with my Live cameras, then wait for just the right moment to start screaming obscenities at them, then open fire and watch them scatter. Their vehicle would surely be easier to spot with 256 bullet holes in it!

Now I know that some of you are saying: “Whoah there Sport”! But you and I both know that if it was legal to have a system like that – we would sell millions.

Hmmmm…..we better start thinking about a patent……

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