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Business Security Camera Systems – Protect Your Investment

It is so important to protect your business from theft and liability issues, even more so in today’s economy. People are getting more and more desperate and thefts are rising daily. Good quality business security cameras and business digital video recorders can save your company thousands of dollars from just one recorded incident.

Many businesses have fake security cameras or dummy cameras in place to try to deter thieves. In theory this is a great idea, but if something really happens your business won’t have any proof for the authorities. Crystal clear video footage is absolutely necessary in finding and prosecuting thieves and getting restitution for your damages.

Other businesses have old, outdated, fuzzy equipment that when viewed doesn’t even recognize colors, much less facial features. When this footage is brought in to a police station, there is only so much the station can do if they can’t clearly see the suspect. Some stations do have “enhancement” software, but when the resolution is so bad to begin with, you are basically just enhancing blurry squares. This leaves the business owner and the police department without any evidence or leads.

Digital video recorders have come a long way throughout the years. The video quality and capabilities are outstanding. As a business owner it is important to be able to watch your facility even when you aren’t there. With a digital video recorder, from Rugged CCTV, it is possible! You can capture video and then view it remotely from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and you can feel like you are sitting right in front of the unit.

Picking your security cameras is a vital part of protecting your business. What cameras you choose depends on lighting, distance, the width you want to see and the detail that needs to be visible. A fixed lens is a lens that is preset to a specific distance and width. It cannot be changed or modified. It usually has the clearest picture. Varifocal lenses have the ability to be moved and adjusted to see differently. They come in ranges. Theses are a good option when you aren’t sure on exact positioning or you might want to move the camera around to different locations.

If you want to have the ability to zoom in and look around your facility remotely you can with Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras. PTZ cameras have the ability to be programmed to pan, tilt and zoom, they can be controlled through a keyboard joystick connected to the camera directly, through the dvr itself, or through the remote software on your computer.

A lot of businesses have cars entering and leaving their facility on a daily basis. Oil lubes, car washes and mechanic shops are just some examples of businesses that need to protect themselves from liability claims. N-SPEX Stix are a great tool to put at the entrances and exits of these facilities to document the condition of each vehicle. The N-SPEX Stix have 6 cameras that document the top, sides, front and back of vehicles. This proves the condition of the vehicle saving the business from claims that they scratched the doors, ripped off an antenna and other related claims. One false claim can pay for the N-SPEX Stix.

Protect your business with clear video footage from Rugged CCTV. Our security design engineers are here to answer all your questions and walk you through the whole process.

Visit Rugged CCTV for your security needs or call 1-866-301-CCTV to speak directly to one of our engineers.

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