Monthly Archives: May 2015

How To Choose An Industrial Security Camera System

Industrial Security Camera Systems are invaluable to your safety and others, your employees, family, and customers. The video feeds they provide allow you to reduce theft, review an accident, crime, or an attempted crime. This video you can watch over again, zoom in or out, pause, re-wind, copy to a USB drive, and even give […]

How To Protect Yourself And Your Family With Infrared Security Cameras

There are many uses for an Infrared Security Cameras, protect your Business, protect your employees, your property, customers, and much more. But also, if you have an elderly parent living with you in your home. A home security system can be invaluable. The Infrared Security Camera can allow you to check on their well-being even […]

Stainless Steel Mobile Cameras By Rugged Cams

We have totally redesigned our famous Stainless Steel Mobile cameras with better resolution, better stainless steel body and a better waterproof design. The new Stronghold-MP (Multi-Purpose) Stainless Steel camera can be used as a backup camera on vehicles and vessels, and comes with a detachable Menu keypad that allows you to customize almost any setting […]