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The Freezer Cam Cold Storage Camera

The Freezer Cam Cold Storage Camera from Rugged Cams. The Freezer Camera Infrared Dome Camera is IP 68 rated and is waterproof, dustproof and can even be pressure washed. It has 580 lines of resolution and up to 150′ Infrared range with a 4-9 mm Zoom lens.

Rugged Cams builds this cold storage camera with Sony’s 1/3″ Super HAD Day/Night Camera, coupled with Sony’s best HQ1 DSP (Digital Signal Processor) chipsets.

This Freezer Cam Cold Storage Camera has a case built out of special Aluminum Alloy for corrosion and rust protection, then it’s powder coated for long-lasting, weather beating protection. This Freezer camera also works very well for Walk-In Beer Coolers as well.

Come take a look at the Freezer Cam from Rugged Cams

The Defender Waterproof Dome Camera

The Defender waterproof dome camera from Rugged Cams is not only waterproof, weatherproof and dustproof, but can also be washed down under high pressure.

Rugged Cams has been offering this camera for a number of years, and it has been continually updated with the latest Sony cameras inside. Now the Defender waterproof dome camera has 600 lines of resolution and a 2.8 – 12mm varifocal zoom lens as well.

The Defender waterproof dome camera is very easy to install, and can be mounted in any position or angle on the ceiling, wall or other surfaces thanks to the 3-axis camera positioning mechanism that allows the user to correct the level and rotation of the lens.

Take a look at the Defender waterproof dome camera, and see why thousands of these tough dome cameras are in use worldwide.

Infrared Bullet Camera – Black Night-700 – Infrared Bullet Camera

This Infrared Bullet Camera will throw out Infrared Light to greater than 100′.
The Black Night-700 has 700 TV Lines of Resolution, and employs SONY’s new Effio 960H Technology. The result, when recorded with Rugged Cams’ new 960HD DVR, is a picture that is 30% larger than the standard 740×480 picture from most cameras.
At 960 Horizontal Lines of Resolution, this Infrared Bullet Camera is just a few lines short of Megapixel Resolution, and is a great leap forward for Analog cameras.
The Black Night-700 Infrared Bullet Camera uses new Infrared lamp Technology as well. The Black Diamond Infrared Lamps assure that the foreground and long distance background are both lit very evenly. This eliminates Hot Spots in the lighting and gives users a very smoothly lit scene in all conditions.
The Black Night-700 Infrared Bullet Camera is a low priced camera, but has all the features of cameras costing much more. For example, it uses Rugged Cams’ new standard in Varifocal lenses – a 3.5mm-16mm Varifocal Zoom Lens, which allows the user to tailor the picture to fit their needs. True versatility, from the leader in tough, weatherproof security cameras – Rugged Cams.

Vangaurd-700 Infrared Outdoor Security Camera

The Vanguard-700 in an Infrared Outdoor Security Camera from Rugged Cams that is weatherproof, waterproof and dust proof with an IP67 sealed camera rating. The Vanguard-700 features SONY’s new 960h Technology for near Megapixel performance.

Fortress-700 Best Outdoor Camera

The Fortress-700 Outdoor Camera is the best, most advanced Infrared Bullet Camera on the market. Waterproof, Weatherproof, Dust Proof and Vandal Proof with a 6-50mm Telephoto Zoom lens and ultra-high resolution at 960H (horizontal lines of resolution) which is almost in the megapixel resolutions.

Weatherproof Dome Camera – The Best Option

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Infrared Dome Camera – Elements For Maximum Protection

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IR 120 HD Security Camera HD-SDI

Hd Security Camera from Rugged Cams Our newest version also includes a special WDR menu block and RS485 data control on the cable. This camera can be set in hundreds of different ways to get the best picture with the optimal settings for each location. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION WIKIPEDIA

IR 120 Magnum Day Night Camera

Day Night Camera from Rugged Cams This camera can be set in hundreds of different ways to get the best picture with the optimal settings for each location. WIKIPEDIA MORE INFORMATION – CLICK HERE