Monthly Archives: December 2011

Rugged CCTV Reports Record Year In 2011

Thanks to our customers Rugged CCTV has just experienced our best year ever. Now entering our 19th year, we were not expecting 2011 to be as good as it has been. Thanks to a host of new products and some Patents, we have seen demand go through the roof in 2011. So, we thought we […]

UPS Seems To Be Imploding – Reports Of War Between Union & Management

We ship hundreds of packages every week and we have relied on UPS for our shipping for many, many years. However, we started to see that the apparent strife within the ranks of UPS (both drivers and office workers), was starting to affect delivery, pickups and even billing. Luckily, we saw this building months ago […]

Connecting Cameras To A Central Power Supply Cabinet

We’ve had lots and lots of questions about how you connect 12V DC power into our central power supplies. It is really simple as long as you remember that all 12V DC connections are polarity sensitive. Simply stated you connect the + to the + and the – to the – on your screw terminals […]

Our Popular Defender Camera Will Have An Infrared Option

The Defender dome camera has been one of our hottest sellers in 2011, and we’ve gotten some great feedback from our customers on what they like and what they’d like improved. Well…WE LISTENED! Coming in January of 2012 – INFRARED DEFENDER with the same IP68 waterproof rating. Look for the release in the January Newsletter!!! […]

Coming early 2012 MEGAPIXEL Cameras – The Easy Way

We are about to debut some new Megapixel Security Cameras in HD. But we will be doing it differently than many companies. Why? Because up until now, the only way you could have a High Def camera was to do it via IP. That was a hassle. It required extensive Networking knowledge and lots of […]