Monthly Archives: December 2010

Protecting High Crime Businesses With Security Cameras

Protecting notoriously deadly businesses such as liquor stores, jewelry stores, C-stores, Check Cashing stores, or similar businesses, is of utmost importance. These places are identified as extremely dangerous unless you have taken the needed steps to protect your business.

Security Cameras for Sandwich Shops and Ice Cream Stores

Security cameras for sandwich shops and ice cream stores may seem a bit overboard for some business owners. After all, people who usually frequent such a business are either hungry, or seeking social interaction, or both. Who would think that one would need a security camera for an ice cream store? Well, it would not […]

Using Business Security Cameras To Help Protect Company Service Trucks And Tools

Tools and expensive supplies are being stolen from company service trucks and trailers at an alarming rate. Throughout the country there has been a reported increase in theft at construction sites, oil fields, highway maintenance vehicles, and work trucks parked at residential areas. Thieves, working in multiples, have learned how to move in and out quickly, before you even know that they are there. It is not expensive at all to guard your trucks with business security cameras while on the road or when parked at the yard. Click on the headline above to learn more about reported incidents from around the country, and to see how security cameras can protect your investments in tools, supplies and trucks.