Monthly Archives: February 2010

Rugged CCTV presents “Pimp My Forklift”

Just for grins, Rugged CCTV hosted a competition among the Design Engineers for a “Pimp My Forklift” competition. The winning design is a polished Diamond Plate model that screams “Warehouse Bling“. “It was really fun, and an uplifting experience, punned Chief Engineer, Allen Spears (amid groans from the staff), “and it really raises the issue […]

Your Business May Be Hit Next – A Security Camera System Is The Answer

Your Business May Be Hit Next – By Allen Spears – Rugged CCTV Crime can hit your business in many different ways, and can cost you thousands in losses, deductibles and increases in coverage premiums. But crime can also impact your revenue, and in some cases, to such an extent that it could even cause […]