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Twisted Pair Wiring vs. Coax for Security Camera Systems

Most installers and end-users of CCTV equipment use coaxial cable such as RG-59 or RG-6 when transmitting video from a camera back to a DVR. However, there are times when UTP (unshielded twisted pair), or Cat5 type cabling is better and more efficient. Using UTP requires the addition of powered or unpowered baluns on both […]

Hard to Detect & Easy to Protect – A Covert DVR Security Cabinet

Securi-Cabinet – Covert Security Cabinet When thieves break in and find security cameras, they immediately start looking for the recorder. Don’t make it easy for them. That was the idea behind the Securi-Cabinet digital surveillance system. This complete system hides all the components, wiring and even the monitor for the system, inside what looks to […]

What to look for when purchasing a DVR for your Security Camera System

Deciding to go Digital is easy. By now you probably already know all the reasons for switching to Digital Video recorders, such as: the ease of locating events without having to slog through hours of recordings, excellent storage quality that does not degrade after repeated viewings, their ability to multi-task and do several things at […]

How to Choose Good Quality Security Cameras

The best security cameras consist of two basic, but very crucial elements – the quality of the image sensor and the quality of the parts and engineering of the camera components themselves. Listed in the specifications of each surveillance camera, you will find out who makes the “guts” of the camera. In other words, what […]

Make sure the Security System DVR you choose is easy to operate

In the small towns where I have several businesses, the Police are astounded at the quality of the video clips I give them. But it wasn’t always that way. In fact, ten years ago they weren’t interested in looking at any video evidence I had because they said that the pictures were so poor that […]