Explosion Proof Cameras

Stainless Steel Explosion Proof Cameras

Explosion Proof Cameras

  • 5-50mm Manual Varifocal Lens
  • Infrared Range: 300’
  • IP68 Rated
  • 12v DC
  • 680 TV Lines
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Explosion Proof Cameras

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Rugged Cams continues to be the innovator for low cost Stainless Steel Cameras by manufacturing a series of Explosion-Proof, Nitrogen Pressurized models.

The Explosion Proof Camera is a High Resolution (680 lines) SONY-based camera housed inside a machined 316 Stainless Steel Pressure Vessel.

The Explosion Proof Camera Infrared model has 21 High Power Infrared LED's that can beam invisible infrared light out to a distance of 300 feet. Both Models a 5-50mm Varifocal lens that can be zoomed to any point within that distance. This allows the user to adjust the view to whatever is needed for the site.

These feature-rich Explosion-Proof Cameras are surprisingly low cost, especially considering there High-Tech construction and advanced features:

  • 1/3” SONY Ex-View HAD II CCD Camera inside
  • 680 Lines of Resolution
  • 5-50mm Varifocal Auto-Iris Lens – (with Innovative Magnetic Lens Adjustment – no penetration through the pressure vessel)
  • 316 Stainless Steel construction – any environment – any weather
  • 21 High Power Infrared LED's (infrared model)
  • Nitrogen Pressurized to 45psi
  • Double Sunshield for efficient cooling
  • On-Screen Display (OSD) with detachable keypad – (8 language choices – English, Japanese, German, French, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese)
  • 8mm Thick Bullet Resistant Front Glass
  • Completely Sealed to IP68 standards
  • NEMA 4X Rated Enclosure
  • Pressure Gauge on back of camera housing
  • 12V DC (+/- 10%) - 2.2Amps with IR on
  • Pressure Refill Valve Stem on back of camera
  • Comes with Stainless Wall Mount
  • Heavy Duty Construction – weighs in at 22 lbs. (camera only)

The Stainless Steel Explosion Proof Cameras have dozens of Menu options that allows users to tailor the settings for any conditions or lighting that may be present. It even allows for privacy zones and also has a “Mirror” switch that is handy if you need to use this camera on the stern of a ship or rear of a mining vehicle.

The Explosion Proof Camera is perfect for almost any environment, including:

  • Sewer Plants & piping
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • Ammunition Depots and Plants
  • Off-Shore & Onshore Drilling Rigs
  • Marine Vessels
  • Tankers and Tanker Depots
  • Liquefied Natural Gas Terminals
  • Oil & other Refineries
  • Butane/LNG Fueling & Bulk Plants
  • Defense & Aerospace Installations
  • Paint & Varnish Manufacturing Plants
  • Grain Silos & Processing (any industry with dangerous dust)
  • Fertilizer Plants
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The Rugged Cams Stainless Steel Explosion Proof Cameras have passed the following Tests/Certifications:
NEC Cert. CNS Cert. IEC Cert.
Class I Division 1/2 d, e, I, q, s, o, p, n, m d, e, I, q, s, o, p, n, m
T1~T6 T1~T6 T1~T6
Class I Div. 1 Group D T6 Ex d IIB, Ex e IIC Ex d IIC, Ex d IIB T4
ir660 spec shet image